Blockchain systems, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and DeFi services development

The cryptocurrency market has gone from complete zero to a total capitalization of $1,966,431,580,986 in 10 years.

Our company believes that this is only a long path beginning towards a new industry formation, in which finance, interaction algorithms without human participation (smart contracts), art objects (NFT), startups (ICO), digital goods exchange and trade without human participation ( DeFi) and so on.

In the next 10 years, every second business will deal with cryptocurrencies, and every third person on the planet will have cryptocurrencies an idea.

That is why our team studies all the news and understands all the latest trends' technical details in the cryptocurrencies field and offers their services to you.

Our advantages

Our team works with the most advanced cryptocurrency developments, such as:
  • Solidity
  • Hyperledger
  • Openzeppelin
  • NFT
  • DeFi segment
And it is ready to offer its services in the development of any complexity a product of in the decentralized technologies field with the following advantages:
  • strict adherence to deadlines
  • responsibility and attention to detail
  • bureaucracy and multilevel hierarchy lack.

Work experience

We have been working in the decentralized finance field since 2016, which has been confirmed in the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains

As part of our previous work, we have solved a problems' variety many times, honing our skills. Among the projects we completed were:

  • Cryptocurrency with the storing arbitrary information function in the blockchain
  • Development for storing binary structured data in the blockchain
  • Information decryption from the bitcoin blockchain
  • Catching payment messages on the Ethereum network
  • Solidity smart contracts with complex logic
  • Messenger with p2p encryption on the blockchain
  • Investor's personal accounts
  • And many others


Smart contract development
Writing and testing a smart contract with the necessary functionality and deploying it to the main network with the control rights subsequent transfer.
Deadline: from 1 week
Cost: from 500$

A ready-to-use smart contract with the necessary functionality and all management rights transfer, or turnkey project management.

NFT tokens
Non-interchangeable tokens development based on any blockchain that supports this technology, followed by deployment in the main network.
Deadline: from 1 week
Cost: from 1000$

A ready-to-use smart contract with the necessary functionality and all management rights transfer, or turnkey project management.

Turnkey DeFi product development
Writing smart contracts set, adding to existing DeFi platforms, design kit, the site design and layout, the investor's personal account registration, connecting the smart contract to the site, advertising services (if necessary). Video production with a professional voiceover.
Deadline: From 1 month
Cost: from 2000$

Smart contracts set, a website, an investor's personal account, logos and design, video production is possible.

Turnkey cryptocurrency development
A blockchain creating, developing a consensus model, a consensus confirmation method (PoW, Pows), organizing a mining pool (if necessary), a block reviewer, and writing wallets. The final cost is formed based on the reference terms.
Deadline: From 1 month
Cost: from 5000$

A ready-made cryptocurrency that works according to a certain consensus model and two networks, main and testnet, as well as well-developed wallets for this cryptocurrency and additional services (as agreed, for example, block explorer, mining pool, mining software, wallets for iOS and Andriod).

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